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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Arab Sex Sex story

<xmp>LSH: Braniacal Genius
part one: Death and a Statue

by Alexi92

The mission had gone very wrong. M'Onel flew as fast as he could from
the planet's surface, tears in his eyes. Almost half the Legion had been
killed before they had been able to put a stop to that maniac's
machinations. Fortunately people had survived and the universe was saved
but the number of casualties prevented anyone from celebrating their
victory. They would muddle through somehow though. Probably hold another
recruitment drive. They had to, they were the Legion of Super Heroes.

Spark watched as her last chance off the planet flew away like a
rocket. She tried to cry out to M'Onel but he didn't hear her, not even
with his super sensitive hearing. It was like with the others.

Just before the others had left they acted as if they couldn't see
her, like she didn't exist. It was her worst fear come to life, being
forgotten, ignored, and lost forever. And now it had come true. Not even
Garth acknowledged her, she had tried everything to get his attention, she
had shouted, hit him, she had gone so far as to give him a zap with her
electricity powers. Nothing had worked, he had been totally centered on
Irma. He was crying into her shoulder mumbling something sadly about Ayla.
But Ayla was right there trying to get his attention! How could he not
even sense his own twin sister's presence?

Spark shouted, pleading, desperate to be heard, not to be abandoned
on this planet. She didn't want to be alone. She began to cry.

"It's no use Spark," a voice behind her said. "As far as he's
concerned you died. They all think you died."

She turned to identify the speaker. Her mouth gaped at the sight of

"You're mine now," said Brainiac 5. "You belong to me."

It couldn't be, Spark told herself. Brainiac 5 had been killed by the
madman they had been sent here to destroy. How could he be right in front
of her? From the words he was saying it didn't seem like Brainy. Maybe he
had died and then his body was taken over by a hostile being. It was
possible, weirder things had happened.

"Who-who are you? What have you done to Brainy."

Visible annoyed the being reached into his pocket and pulled out
small cylindrical object. "For the last time, it's Brainiac 5. You've
called me Brainy for the last time."

He began to manipulate the cylinder. Spark was beginning to doubt that
her theory of possession. Whoever this was it sounded a lot like Brainy. If
it was then he would be able to get her home...

And as that comforting though came to her the cylinder in Brainiac 5's
hand began to glow brightly and Spark passed out.

It was the money. No one ever thought about it but it was the money.
That's where the true power lay in the universe. Of course he practically
owned the Universe so it was only right that he knew what it was all about.
The third and fourth richest men in all the United Planets used their money
to get what they wanted. But they didn't understand its true power. No one
did except him, only Querl Dox, Brainiac 5.

No one remembered Vril Dox II was Brainiac 5's ancestor, they had always
focused on Brainiac 1. Their mistake. Of course he had always remembered it
but never gave any thought to the practical applications until that jaunt
into the 20th century. Inconceivable really.

All it had taken was a deposit into a bank and instructions left to an
investment firm, both of which he knew would still have records intact a
thousand years later. When he had returned he found that he had become the
richest man, period. Just as he had predicted.

And as he walked down the hallway of Legion headquarters he thought
about the true ramifications of it all. He would finally be able to indulge
every track of his great intelligence.

He stopped in the memorial room and thought about the new statues
that would soon be added.

Brainiac 5 waited for three minutes until he received a telepathic
communication from Saturn Girl informing everyone to report to the Space
Cruiser, there was an emergency which would be explained in detail once
they were on their way to the planet. Urgency was of essence.

The first thing that had stuck Spark as odd when she began to wake
was that she had been standing up. That became a passing thought when her
eyes opened and she beheld dead Legionaries. Only they didn't seem dead.
She saw XS, Umbra, and Triad directly in front of her standing next to each
other, arms to their sides and backs straight. They weren't moving, as
though they were statues.

When she tried to turn her head to see who else was in the room she
found she couldn't. Panic swept over her, she couldn't move her body! Oh
grife, what was happening? Were the others in the same predicament as her,
wanting to move but unable? Who had done this to her? Where was Brainy?

All she could do was blink.

Now that she looked at the others she could make out their eyes
moving back and forth, trying to figure something out, anything. By using
her own peripheral vision she could see that others were to each of her
sides. Possibly the other dead Legionaries.

Brainiac 5 walked into the room he had jokingly called the throne
room when he had constructed the building. It was supposed to be a storage
closet meant for some of his larger inventions. Upon further thought he had
installed an actual throne in the room. It really was a perfect size for
such a thing. He even took the time to make the room seem like a throne
room out of a fantasy holo-vid. The lighting in the room was solely due to
torches hanging on the walls. (They were powered through nuclear means
though.) Empty pedestals stood along the walls, awaiting sculptures to
display. A large red carpet lead from the door to the foot of the throne
which was raised three steps above the rest of the room.

The throne itself was another inspiration based on the visit to the
20th century. The throne was an exact duplicate of the chair Meteron of the
New Gods had sat upon. To fashion a throne based on the God of Knowledge's
chair amused Brainiac 5.

The latest additions to the throne room stood like guards on both
sides of the carpet. To his right XS, Umbra, and Triad. To his left
Shrinking Violet, Kinetix, Spark, and Kid Quantum. He walked between them
and observed as their eyes registered him. He wondered which of them
thought he was their salvation and which had figured out his true

He ascended to the throne and sat in it, his great intellect deciding
how to proceed. He took from his pocket the cylinder and inserted it into
an appropriate crevice in the throne's arm.

He decided. "Turn towards me and line yourselves side by side."

The seven Legion girls obeyed his orders. Brainiac 5 smiled as he saw Umbra and Kid Quantum's eyes shut as they tried to stop themselves, their bodies betraying their efforts. This would be more fun than he had anticipated.

He owned the planet. The "emergency" had been a ruse. All it had
taken was to leave some communication technology on the far side of the
hemisphere the last time he had visited to complete construction on his
fortress. Theirs were simple minds, easy to trick. Even Saturn Girl with
her telepathy couldn't compete with a 12th level intelligence, let alone
try to read anything in his mind he didn't want read.

It all went according to plan. Once they landed on the planet he used
the mental intensifier he made last week to control the mind of Saturn Girl,
and through her the others. He then had Saturn Girl implant the memory of a
terrible battle with a maniac able to destroy the universe into every one
of the Legion of Superheroes save himself. The battle was supposed to have
been rough leaving six of the girls and himself dead. The robots came and
took the girls to his fortress after he had made sure that all six
unconscious and under the mental control of the intensifier.

He would have taken all of the females but some of them weren't very
appealing, who would want a snake or a green monster. True the snake had
the power of illusion but at his level of intelligence he could see through
any illusion instantaneously. Phase and Saturn Girl were more than
desirable but their intense emotions toward their respective lovers would
eventually have overcome his intensifier. Then they could have stopped his
plan from reaching fruition.

Brainiac 5 was about to send the "survivors" on their way when he saw
Ferro playing with Koko. He had planned to let Spark go with the others so
that she could take care of the damned monkey but if Ferro could handle the

He had Saturn Girl include one addendum to the battle. At the last
second Spark heroically gave her life to kill the madman when he tried to
kill Live Wire.

All seven stood before him in a row, silently awaiting their next
order. No doubt they were all mentally screaming for help or for the
ability to kill him.

Glorious, his ancestors would be proud. Well maybe not Stealth, but
the others without a doubt.

Brainiac 5 looked over his toys, for that is what they were now, and
assessed each one's strengths and weaknesses to decide which he would start

Kid Quantum, Spark, Kinetix, Triad, XS, Umbra, and Shrinking Violet
all in a row, his to play with as he saw fit. Almost everything he had ever
dreamed of.

"Kid Quantum come here."

Jazmin Cullen walked toward the throne and knelt in front of it on
one knee, head bowed to the ground. The dark skinned heroine from Xanthu's
costume was designed much like a 20th century leotard, leaving her legs
exposed while covering her torso and arms. This meant that in the kneeling
position she was in she could feel her breath on her thigh.

"Your power is to create stasis fields, effectively freezing time in
an area."

Jazmin made no response. Actually she was sure she was unable to.
She had spent the last hour trying unsuccessfully to move any part of her
body. Growing up playing with James and his stasis belt she was used to the
idea that if she couldn't move her body then speaking was impossible. She
simply stayed kneeling, cursing Brainiac mentally for whatever it was he
had done to her.

She shut her eyes and tried to concentrate on the sensation of her
breath hitting her thigh when an odd sensation, something like a touch, on
her shin, above her boot, caused her to loose focus. Opening her eyes
Jazmin could see Brainiac 5's head was level with her shin. Although her
leg obstructed some of her view she could see parts of his face...

Oh grife, he was licking her leg! His hand came up and pushed her
head back so that Kid Quantum was staring at the ceiling. His way now
unobstructed he began to move up her shin. She could feel his tongue snake
up her shin, past her knee, and onto her thigh. On her thigh he shifted the
path of his tongue to lick her inner thigh. As he began to move his way up
she closed her eyes, bracing herself for what was to come. His tongue
slowly traveled the way of the thigh towards her pussy. Her breath began to
become more labored in her fearful anticipation of what was to come. His
tongue reached the end of her leg...

And was gone. Jazmin kept her eyes shut, uncertain of what had
happened. Brainiac 5 had stopped but she didn't know why. She couldn't
even feel the tongue on her leg anymore.

A voice whispered into her ear ",I stopped at the costume."

Kid Quantum opened her eyes to find Brainiac 5 standing over her. He
took her head in his hands and pulled her of her knee onto her feet. When
he was assured she would not fall over he returned to his throne.

"You can speak now. I will give you that one privilege Kid Quantum.
It's not as if anything you say can affect your fate."

All she could think to say was ",Why?"

Brainiac 5 looked down at her. "Show me your breast."

Jazmin's eyes grew wide with horror. "No. I won't."

Despite her response Kid Quantum's hands grabbed the collar of her
costume and began to pull the costume apart. She tore the front of her
costume down the middle to just above her navel.

"No, stop," she pleaded. "Please stop."

Brainiac 5 sat back, silent, his eyes glued on his teammate's
movements. Her other hand took the now loose costume covering the left
portion of her chest and pulled it away to reveal her beautiful, brown
breast. She closed her eyes, humiliated.

"I'll tell you what," Brainiac 5 said. "I'll give you a chance to
convince me to let you and the others go, do you want to take it?"

"Yes!" Kid Quantum exclaimed, a chance to get out of here!

"Good. There is one condition."

"I won't have se..."

"Nothing so blatant. You must play with the nipple of your exposed
breast while you try to convince me."



Almost of their own volition her left hand moved to her breast and
her fingers grabbed her nipple. She rolled it between her fingers until it
began to stiffen.

"You're sick. You need help. This isn't right..."

Her fingers squeezed lightly and pulled away from her body,
stretching the nipple and breast until they could stretch no more and the
nipple slipped from her fingers back to its normal shape.

"You can't treat someone like this. You're a Legionnaire. You're
supposed to be a hero."

Her middle finger circled the border of her aureole and begin to snail
shell inward until it reached the protruding nub which she began to flick
rapidly with her index finger. Her eyes began to tear as the green teenager
continued to watch, her words having no effect, as if all the tracks of his
mind were focused solely on her humiliating herself. She blurt out a last
ditch attempt.

"I thought you loved Andromeda."

He shot straight up in his throne. "Stop. Who told you that?"

"No one, I just heard it around somewhere."

He stood up, his eyes filled with a rage she had never seen before,
not even in the most dangerous of villains. He shouted at the top of his
lungs, rage bellowing with each syllable.

"Who told you that?!"

Had she control of her body she would have cowered. Instead she stood,
barely able to squeak out ",S-spark."

Spark watched shocked and terrified as she watched Brainy command Kid
Quantum like a puppet. She couldn't see what Kid Quantum was doing but if
she was following Brainiac 5's commands then it must have been a horrible
sight. She waited in anticipation when Brainiac 5 gave Kid Quantum the
chance of freeing the captive Legionaries.

When Kid Quantum mentioned Andromeda and after Brainiac 5's reaction
Spark thought that perhaps the young, black girl had gotten through to
Brainy. If there was anything that could have pulled him from his insanity
it was Laurel Gand.

After Spark's name had been spoken Brainiac 5 walked down the steps
from his throne and advanced toward her. The look in his eyes was anything
but that of a man that had seen the truth of his misdeeds. Rather they were
filled with and anger she had never seen in him before. He walked toward
her and backhanded her, throwing her backwards to the floor.

Because of Brainiac 5's mind influence she was unable to move, if she
had wanted to.

Brainiac 5 disappeared from Jazmin's vision and she heard someone
being hit and falling to the ground. She wondered what had happened. He had
gotten so angry at the mention of Andromeda. At first Kid Quantum thought
that perhaps she had gotten through to him but after hearing someone being
hit she began to doubt that he had returned to normal.

She could see him again when he began to climb the stairs to his
chair. He sat and took a few seconds to compose himself. When he was calm
again he looked at her.

"I'm afraid you weren't very convincing. Show me your other breast."

"No please."

But her right hand was already repeating the process her left had
made but moments ago. As the material of her costume was pulled aside,
creating the effect of a frame of fabric pushed out of the way by her
breast. Then her hands came up to her chest. Kid Quantum tried to figure
out what her body was doing next and marveled in horror as her hands
pressed her breasts together, lifting them, creating cleavage.

But she hadn't been told to do so. Maybe, Jazmin hoped, maybe she had
gained some control over her body. Brainiac 5 noticed it too.

"Interesting." He came down to her from his throne, his curiosity
piqued. "You were not told to present your breasts to me, but you did so
of your own will. This may mean that the effects of the intensifier can be

Brainiac 5 watched Kid Quantum, his mind going through every
possibility in seconds. After weighing the possibilities he spoke up.

"Kid Quantum, if you want, you may attack me in the chance of gaining
your freedom."

Kid Quantum tried. If she had free will she would have. Even without
it she should have attacked him when he had given her leave to. But no
attack came. Instead, her hands still on her breasts, she slowly knelt down
on her knees, bowed at Brainiac 5's feet, and stayed in the position.

"Interesting," Brainiac 5 muttered looking down at the girl.

Jazmin couldn't understand it. She wanted to be free, but instead of
fighting she had bowed at his feet. Her mind shouted at her body to stop,
to get up. She howled in her mind at the unfairness of it all, she had been
given a chance at her freedom and it had been lost because... she couldn't
come up with an explanation why.

She could hear Brainiac 5 mutter to himself. "Anticipating my
commands... after being forced to obey my spoken orders... her mind adapts
to my mind... does my mental bidding... maybe after a point the intensifier
isn't needed."

Oh grife no. No not that, she couldn't bear to think about it. If she
understood his mumbling then she would never have free will again. Every
move she made, her every action would be determined by Brainiac 5 while she
was forced to endure the humiliating sensations.

From her position, bowing on the ground, Kid Quantum could see
Brainiac 5's foot move away. She heard his footsteps as he climbed back
into his throne, and also heard him say quietly ",Time to test this out."

Without a word being spoken she rose from her position and stood,
facing the Colluan sitting on his throne. She tore her costume all the way
down to it's end at her groin. Pulling apart the now open costume to reveal
the entire front half of her body, Kid Quantum could only guess at what her
body was trying to do. When she had finished her costume looked as if it had
a large open 'V' starting at her shoulders pads and ending at her exposed
pussy. Brainiac 5 smiled at her, it was shaved.

Jazmin had been forced to shave her pubic hair when she had adopted
her brother's mantel of Kid Quantum. She had not been pleased at the
Xanthan government's design for her costume but she had accepted it. They
had claimed that with so few physically attractive women in the "Amazers"
that they needed every chance to showcase the one good looking woman's body
they had. Now the costume was being used to showcase that body in a very
different way.

Kid Quantum's hands played with her nipples, making them both hard
using the techniques she had thought would be the apex of her humiliation
only minutes ago. Once both nipples were firm her hands moved toward her

One hand pulled away what costume remained covering her pussy
allowing the other total access to her most private area. As her fingers
began to work themselves caressing the outer lips Kid Quantum's sense of
humiliation was beginning to vanish and be replaced with pleasure. The
pleasure of her actions but of also doing Brainiac 5's bidding. At first
the heroine tried to resist the thoughts but as her hand started to
penetrate her body and she began to become wet resistance was fast becoming
an inconceivable concept, giving way to arousal.

With one hand to her crotch she walked over to one of the empty
pedestals along the wall. With her free hand she attempted to climb up
onto the raised pillar. When that proved unsuccessful she floated onto the
pedestal using her Legion Flight Ring. All the while her fingers pumped in
and out of her wet sex.

Once she found herself on the pedestal she laid back. Her back found
support against the wall and she moved herself so her face and pussy faced
toward Brainiac 5, her master. Her legs were spread wide open as to give
her master a full display of her masturbatory act.

Her other hand found its way to her pussy and pulled apart the outer
folds of her pussy. The other hand play with her clit, massaging the
throbbing protrusion. Kid Quantum began to make groans of pleasure as she
worked herself toward orgasm.

Jazmin's hands began to work faster as she could feel the orgasm
nearing. Brainiac 5 watched intently as the frantic pace continued to

Kid Quantum no longer cared that she would never be able to command
her own body. She no longer cared about anything but Brainiac 5. (This
would have come as a shock to Brainiac 5 because it was not a side effect
of the intensifier he had planned.) She wanted nothing more than to be
whatever Brainiac 5 wanted. If she could only be with Brainiac 5 she would
be complete. All thoughts she had of escape, freedom, humiliation, self,
and fear gave way as she thought of her master fucking her. She began to
buck her hips imagining his cock pumping in and out of her.

Her head tilted back as she began to moan.

"Mmmmmm! Ooooooh my lord Brainiac! Unh! Master! Master! AAAAAAAAA..."

As she reached orgasm Brainiac 5 pressed a button on his throne
activating a stasis field around the pedestal. She was frozen in a moment
in time, her hands pawing at her cunt, fingers stroking her clit, her face
locked in eternal pleasure. Jazmin had become his first sculpture in the
throne room.

Of course the stasis field was special in a way. While her body would
never age Kid Quantum's mind was not affected by the field and was
experiencing time at its proper flow, but in a body that was orgasming. He
had ensured that she would orgasm for a long as he desired, for eternity if
need be.

She would effectively be brain dead if he didn't release her from her
timeless bliss before a certain point, overstimulation of the pleasure
centers of her brain could be a bitch, but it was okay. Brainiac 5 had
already calculated exactly when that moment was. And if he left her in
there after that, well that was okay too. He had enough brains for the both
of them, and then some.

--to be continued--</xmp>

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Arab Sex Sex story

Keywords: FF, cons, interr, rom
Part: Chapter 119
Author: Miranda Mars
Title: Laura's Story - an Interracial Lesbian Romance

Chapter 119

Two days after her tryst with Sholandra, Laura's bruises had
faded enough so that she felt she could risk seeing Trina.
Especially if they saw one another, as they would, at night, when
the lights were soft. Laura could hardly wait, and her pussy got
very wet every time she contemplated it.

Oh god, am I just building myself up for another letdown? she
wondered. She's been so sweet, over the phone. So loving. So
completely trusting. How can that happen, when she was so angry
over the scratches, so hurt?

Worried and excited as she was, Laura couldn't help noticing a
new beautiful young girl in the Safeway bakery, the same Safeway
where she had met Tracy. From her nameplate Laura could see that
her name was Keisha, and she looked about eighteen or nineteen. Her
face was gorgeous, though you couldn't tell much about her figure
from the baggy apron and pants and oversized white shirt of her

But she had a bewitchingly lovely smile, which she turned
full-strength onto Laura when Laura bought some cookies to take to
Shawna. Even though she knew the girl could not mean it, Laura
almost had the feeling Keisha was flirting with her, or coming on.
Her smile was friendly, but seemed frankly sexual too.

Oh, you're just making it up, Laura cautioned herself.
Because you'd love to sleep with her.

"Anyone ever tell you you look like that model Stephanie
Seymour?" she asked Laura, flat out, smiling in that deeply sensual
way that made Laura tingle.

"Only a few thousand," Laura laughed. "Wish I had her money."

"Actually, you better looking than she is, you know."

Keisha's eyes sparkled. Laura felt a lot like flirting back.
Keisha, honey, I would love to take you back among the flour sacks
and slip my tongue up into your beautiful pussy, she said with her

"Well, one compliment deserves another," Laura smiled, giving
her smile a flirtatious edge. "Anybody tell you you're about the
most beautiful girl they ever had in this bakery?"

"You watch out, now, you gonna make me blush," Keisha shot
back quickly, her eyes dancing with fire and friendliness, laced,
Laura was almost sure, with a tinge of sex. She handed Laura her
bag of cookies. "Here you go now, and have a nice day. Don't let
those cookies make you fat."

"Not a chance. I'm buying them for a friend. See you next

Keisha smiled warmly. Laura thought she could feel the girl's
eyes on her legs as she walked away. Laura's legs were spectacular,
and people of both sexes frequently stared at them. She glanced
back over her shoulder to check and saw Keisha admiring them. But
Keisha looked away quickly, pretending not to have noticed.

Keisha, Laura thought, do you like girls? Gosh, I hope so,
you darling creature.

This encounter heated her up so much that she purposely tried
not to think of it as she drove to Trina's apartment. But the
second she saw Trina, all thoughts of Keisha vanished. Laura's
heart melted on the spot, and she remembered how piercing and deep
her feelings were for Trina, and for Rina before her.

"Oh god, it's so good to see you," she told Trina.

Trina seemed to want to grab Laura and kiss her as much as
Laura wanted to do the same. But they both restrained themselves
because of Shawna. Laura gave Shawna the cookies, and the three of
them sat and talked for a while.

"Are you and Auntie Laura going to love one another again
tonight, Mama," Shawna asked Trina.

Laura and Trina smiled uncomfortably.

"I guess we might, hon'," Trina smiled at Shawna, then at
Laura. "Guess we might. Whyn't you run along to bed now, and I'll
be right there to tuck you in."


Laura kissed Shawna and wished her goodnight. She could feel
herself getting wet as she waited for Trina to return from Shawna's
room. She knew they had to wait a decent interval for Shawna to go
to sleep. And yet both of them seemed dying to do it. Trina's eyes
had been on fire from the first moment Laura had stepped into the

When she returned, they sat side by side on the sofa, trying
not to rape one another.

"I'm so glad to see you," Laura said.

"I'm glad to see you," Trina smiled dreamily. "I couldn't do
anything but think of you."

"Could I kiss you now? I've been dreaming of it for weeks."

"Me too."

"Just a kiss? She's probably not asleep yet."

"I know."

They kissed very tenderly, slowly, achingly, one of the most
romantic kisses of Laura's life. Their tongues intermingled, but
not in a fiery, urgent way. Instead, they coiled together, licking,
stroking, communicating. Laura caressed Trina's phenomenally smooth
dark cheek, and Trina's fingers touched Laura's neck.

Laura unbuttoned the first two buttons of Trina's shirt,
kissing the smooth dark skin of her throat and her chest. Then she
unbuttoned two more and her lips reached the upper slopes of Trina's
breasts, dipped into the deep valley between them. Trina was not
wearing a bra, as Laura had noted earlier when trying to keep her
eyes off the huge, floating bulbs of her nipples under the shirt.

But Laura didn't want Trina to get the wrong idea, so she went
no further for the moment. Her lips came up Trina's beautiful neck
again, found Trina's mouth, and they kissed again, a long, deep,
emotional kiss.

"Can I touch you?" she whispered.

"Hon', you can touch me anywhere," Trina breathed. "I want to
touch you too."

She began to unbutton Laura's shirt too. Laura watched.

"God, you wearing that bra again," Trina grinned. "What are
you trying to do, drive me crazy?"


"I never seen anything so sexy."

"I'll get you one," Laura said, unbuttoning the rest of
Trina's buttons. "But you have to promise to wear it only for me."

She was teasing, but Trina took her seriously. "You don't
wear this one only for me," she pouted.

An icicle of fear stabbed Laura, but she recovered quickly.
She took Trina's face in both hands and kissed Trina passionately.

"I do now," she said.

Her hands dropped from Trina's face to her shirt and pulled it
open, then covered Trina's naked breasts and squeezed them gently.
They kissed again, harder. Trina's fingers began fiddling with the
catch of Laura's bra.

She got it loose, and Laura lifted her arms long enough for
the shirt to come off and the straps to slide down and off. Now
Trina's hands cupped Laura's breasts.

"I dreamed of doing this," Trina breathed into Laura's neck.

"And did you come, doing that too?" Laura giggled softly.

"You bet I did. You know, since we had that little . . .
trouble, I've had about, oh I don't know, about five different comes
dreaming about you."

"Really?" Laura stuck her tongue into Trina's marvelous ear.
"Are you sure you didn't help them along?"

"Only help I need is to think of you," Trina whispered, eyes
rolling up as Laura's mouth slipped down to one of her breasts and
Laura's lips drew her huge nipple inside. "Oh! Oh . . . god yes!"

Laura realized that neither of them was willing to wait for
Shawna to fall asleep. Trina was sighing and writhing, and Laura
bent over her beautiful breasts, straddling one of Trina's thighs to
get closer, holding them in her hands and devouring the plump,
gleaming nipples hungrily.

"Suck harder . . . suck harder . . . oh god yes!" Trina panted
to her, watching Laura nearly swallow her wet black nipples.

Laura was carried away. She held them and sucked them, licked
and teased and squeezed them, sucked them harder, rubbing her thigh
into Trina's crotch at the same time, delirious with love and lust
and frantic passion for Trina's marvelous body. And Trina quickly
grew more aroused than either had expected.

"Oh god . . . Laura! I'm gonna come! Unhhh! Oh!"

"Do it, honey, do it, yes," Laura said, bringing her thigh up
more firmly into Trina's crotch, sucking one of her thick, bulbous
nipples even harder.

She pinched the other one and pushed her knee harder into
Trina's pussy, even though the cloth of her own pants and Trina's
separated them. Trina quivered sharply, then came in rapid

"Auunnngghh! Oh god Laura! Aunngghh! Ungghhh! Oh! Oh
shit!" she gasped, her body twisting and shuddering as the sweet
shocks hit her.

Then she lay back in the sofa cushions, breathing hard, eyes
glassy as she smiled up. Laura rolled to the side, removing her leg
from between Trina's thighs. She kissed Trina's slack mouth

"You must be horny if you couldn't even wait to get your
clothes off," Laura teased her softly.

"You must be a witch if you can make me come like that, so
quick," Trina teased back.

"Bet I can do it again."

"I think she's asleep by now. Let's go in the bedroom. My

Both were naked from the waist up. They grabbed their shirts,
and Laura her black lacy bra, and tiptoed past Shawna's bedroom.
Trina peaked inside, but Shawna was sound asleep. Her bedroom was
right next to Trina's, though, so they had never really had been
able to let go completely with one another except on the first
night, when Shawna had been away.

In Trina's bedroom, after shutting the door behind them, Laura
pushed her naked breasts into Trina's naked back and nuzzled the
back of her neck.

"I love Shawna," she murmured, "but next time she's away I'm
going to take you to my place and rape you until you scream in

Trina slowly turned around, beaming. "I just love the way you
talk. I bet you mean it, too."

"I do mean it. I can't really rape you here, because we'll
wake her."

"Why don't you try it and see what happens?" Trina dared her.

Slowly, tantalizingly, Laura began to lower the zipper on
Trina's jeans. Trina began to unzip Laura's too. Their naked
breasts brushed, their nipples kissing. They both looked down,
watching their nipples touch, electrified by the sensations.

Their mouths came together, their naked breasts mashed
together, and they fell on the bed, both wriggling out of their
jeans and their panties as fast as they could.

"Oh god, honey, I want you, I want you, I've missed you so
much," Laura panted, her hands racing all over Trina's magnificent
smooth naked body.

"Oh hon', I've missed you too," Trina murmured, taking the
upperhand, forcing Laura onto her back, kissing Laura's breasts,
sucking Laura's nipples aggressively, dipping her hand between
Laura's thighs.

Laura was already very wet, and Trina's mouth and hands on her
body made her flow quicken. After sucking both of her nipples
hungrily, Trina slid lower, kissing Laura all the way, until her
lips reached Laura's oozing slit. Trina made love to it more
passionately than she had ever done, stabbing her tongue deep into
Laura's pussy, then flicking Laura's clit with it, until Laura came
in about a minute.

"Auunnghhh! Oh . . . Jesus, Trina! Aunngghhh!" she cried
out, her body arching and straining, her pelvis quivering
uncontrollably as sharp spasms of rapture began to shake her.

It was a sweet, long, convulsive orgasm, with Trina stroking
and licking her throughout, and when it was over Laura was overcome
with emotion. She pulled Trina up and hugged her and kissed her

"God, Trina, I can't live without you," she said. "I'm so
sorry I ever hurt you, I'll never hurt you again."

"Don't be making no promises, hon'," Trina murmured, kissing
her back eagerly, smiling, still caressing Laura suggestively,
obviously not content to stop here.

"Ohhhhh!" Laura sighed. "God . . . that feels so good, god,
honey, you're going to make me come again if you keep that up.
Unhh! Oh Trina oh!"

Trina slid back down and kissed Laura's wet, throbbing pussy
again, tonguing and sucking it hungrily, bringing Laura to another
quick orgasm, and then another much more drawn out one that left
Laura quivering and moaning in wild ecstacy. She knew how Trina had
missed her since she had never made love to Laura so aggressively,
so hungrily, before. It was more Laura's style to physically
consume her partner than to be consumed herself, except perhaps when
she was doing the rough stuff with Karen, or Barbara.

"You're so hot," she whispered to Trina afterward. "You were
never so hot with me before."

Trina smiled. "I dreamed about loving you," she confessed.
"I dreamed about how I was going to do it."

"Were those the times you came?"

Trina nodded. She looked away bashfully. "It made me decide
nothing should keep us apart. I never felt this way about anybody

"But you're so beautiful," Laura said. "I can't see why men
aren't fighting each other just to see who gets the chance to do
this with you. What I'm lucky enough to be doing."

Trina grinned more broadly now. "They are," she said quietly.
"They be pestering me all the time."

"Are you sure you wouldn't rather be with one of them?"

"Are you kidding, Laura? They worse than you are, bopping one
chick after another, then dropping by here hoping they can bop me."

Laura was briefly hurt by the comparison, but tried to
disguise it. Nevertheless, Trina, who was very sensitive, spotted

"Oh, hon', I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way," she
hurriedly said.

"You did too," Laura said softly, eyes tearing in the usual
way that made her hate herself for seeming such a fraud. "I feel so
awful. I hate it that I hurt you."

Trina kissed her, long, searchingly, then kissed her bare
shoulders where the scratches had been. Laura was so glad that
Sholandra had been tamer this time. And that the bruises left by
Karen had faded, at least enough not to be noticed in the dim light.
But the very fact that Trina was looking made her nervous.

She quickly turned up the heat herself, sucking Trina's
extraordinary breasts again and bringing her to the brink by
massaging her pussy at the same time, until Trina was twisting and
moaning under her. Laura was so full of hot desire for this
beautiful woman that she wanted to give her the wildest moment in
bed she had ever had. And yet she knew Shawna was asleep in the
next room, and might awaken if her mommy cried out too sharply.

So, even though it was hard, she moderated her passion. But
she did draw things out, for the first time, until Trina was
literally begging to come. Laura was always so hungry for Trina's
voluptuous naked body that she could never restrain herself. But
now she made love to Trina slowly, patiently, bringing her to a
peak, then backing off, bringing her up again, backing off.

She turned Trina over onto her stomach and rubbed her back,
kissing the smooth, miraculous flesh all the way down to Trina's
ass, which she then explored in loving detail.

"God, you have such a beautiful ass," she murmured to Trina,
kissing the firm round globes, taking springy chunks between her
teeth, making Trina squeal softly in excitement.

This was all part of Laura's plan. Trina grew so wet that her
own pussy juices easily lubricated Laura's forefinger. Laura had
wriggled her tongue into Trina's ass once before, providing Trina
with a shocking and sudden orgasm, but she had never done this. To
distract her, Laura kept kissing and sucking the smooth flesh of
Trina's ass as she insinuated her finger into the girl's dark crack.

"Annhhgg!" Trina groaned, and her body suddenly tensed as
Laura's finger found its mark and slipped inside. "What . . . what
you doing?" she looked back over her shoulder, eyes streaked with

"I'm fucking your beautiful ass," Laura murmured sexily as she
began to move the finger in and out.

Trina wanted to object but couldn't. She was incapacitated by
the wild, overpowering sexual sensations as Laura fingerfucked and
kissed her ass at the same time, and also rubbed her wet pussy with
her other hand.

"Ohhhnn . . . ohnnnn! God, Laura . . . please!" Trina moaned,
only half-coherently, not knowing what she was asking.

"Roll over, honey, roll over," Laura coaxed her, pulling a
pillow under her ass to elevate her groin for the final assault.

In a sexual trance, Trina obeyed, squeezing her own luscious
breasts and twisting her excited thick nipples as she watched
Laura's tongue snake in and out of her wet, open pussy. Laura's
finger was still in her ass, but temporarily motionless.

But now Laura began to move it again, harder this time,
thrusting, fucking Trina's asshole more deliberately with it now,
and sucking and licking Trina's pussy more vigorously. She knew
Trina would explode in seconds, but again she drew back, not
stopping but tailing off, lower the intensity level.

Trina's whole delicious body quivered in a frenzy of sexual
need. "Ohhhnnn . . . ohnnnn Laura! Oh!"

Laura teased Trina's clit with her tongue until Trina's pelvis
was churning, jerking out of control, her whimpers desperate and
shrill. Laura's finger slid deep into Trina's ass, bringing tears
briefly to her eyes, her delectable ass squirming up off the pillow.

"Ungghh! Oh shit! God . . . Laura ungghh! Oh! Hon' . . .
I'm gonna come . . . now . . . oh, do me hard, Laura! Please!"

Laura gave in. She knew Trina would come any second, and the
point of maximum tension had been reached.

"Oh baby . . . you're going to come so hard," she panted,
teasing Trina's clit one last time before delivering the final

Trina's hips quivered. She whimpered hysterically. Oh now,
now, baby! Laura thought.

Thrusting her finger rapidly and deeply in and out of Trina's
asshole, raping it, she also closed her lips over Trina's excited
and clit, sucking and tonguing it wildly. Trina exploded. The
uprushing orgasm wrenched her straining body, and soft caws of
unbearable ecstacy came from deep in her throat.

Trina's climax was so severe that it robbed her lungs of
breath for a few seconds, and Laura thought that was lucky since she
would surely have screamed, awakening Shawna in the next room.
Laura had one hand free and was able to yank a pillow over to
Trina's face before she began to moan sharply, her beautiful naked
body still undulating as the wrenching shocks of her orgasm shook

"Put your mouth in the pillow," Laura said, pushing it toward
her, and Trina turned her face just as a helpless cry of deep
rapture gushed from her throat.

Her orgasm seemed to last for about two full minutes, with
numerous aftershocks that left her quivering and moaning in Laura's
arms. Laura had wanted to go on, to see if she could find Trina's
g-spot and make her nearly die of coming, but she knew that was
risking too much, with Shawna nearby, and would have to wait.
Instead, she held Trina and kissed her until Trina regained her

"You should tell me when you're going to do something like
that," Trina whispered hoarsely. "I wasn't ready."

"No one's ever ready to come that hard."

"I thought my heart was going to stop."

"I thought you were going to wake your baby next door."

"She would've thought you were murdering me."

"I know. That's why I stopped."

"Stopped? You wanted to go on?" Trina grinned in disbelief.
"I wanted to devour you," Laura confessed. "I wanted to keep
fucking you until you came another ten times."

"Mercy, I believe you mean it."

"I do mean it. You must come to my place, the next time she's
visiting away."

Trina's eyes sparkled with love and sexual excitement. "You
got a date, hon'."

It was getting late by now, but they couldn't part without
another long, slow sixty-nine, each yielding to the other, Laura
first, then Trina, so that both had very deep, satisfying orgasms.
By the time Laura left, she felt they had put the episode of the
shoulder scratches behind them, and that Trina was again the deepest
love she had had since Jonelle, and before that, Rina.

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Arab Sex Sex picture

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Arab Sex Sex story



I was so excited with the feeling of the tightness of mom's ass. Her
seeming to love my thrusting. It made me happy knowing she was feeling
happy at my fucking her this way. The tightness around my cock was
wonderful. "OOOOHHH Mom, this feels so different, so nice."

"Yes it does honey. I've always enjoyed it like this with your dad." I
cum much differently when he fucks me like this."

"Now you too, Kenny. Now you have had all of me. " You have my mouth
to suck you, my pussy, and now my ass...all of me, anytime you need me

"Only your father has had all of me like this."

Oh mom, I'm almost there again. I'm...".Go honey, shoot in me. Fill my
ass with your wonderful cum." "Enjoy yourself in me, like your father is
enjoying Marie."

Both of them were sitting with arms around each other, their legs in the
pool, as I began to explode deep in mom's ass. Mom's hands grabbed the
window sill tightly as she felt me cumming in her. "OOOOHHH I feel you
shooting honey." OOOHH I love it so. I feel your warm cum filling me."
"Give it all to me honey. You're making me cum too baby." 'fuck me. Fuck
me harder baby. Empty your wonderful cum in me."

My hips were thrusting harder now, as my spurts exploded into mom's ass.
I felt my cock expanding with each spurt. The ring of her ass clutching my
cock tightly. Draining my cock on each stroke. It felt wonderful. My
back was arched and stiffened as I rammed tightly into her through this
cum. Her ass wiggled and urged back tightly to me. Wanting all of me in
there. Mom was moaning along with me through this orgasm. I was bent over
her now, clutching hard at her hanging tits in my hands. Her nipples so
hard in my fingers. Feeling her ass spasm around my spurting cock.

As the last of my spurts finally subsided, I pulled mom back to me, and
held her tightly to me. My cock still buried deep in her. My hands were
roughly cupping her tits as my lips searched for her neck. I pinched her
nipples and forced her to moan even louder as I nibbled her neck through my
final spasms. My cock felt super sensitive now.

Finally mom fell forward to the sill again, pleading with me to stay in
her a little longer. Pushing her ass to stay tight to my now empty cock.

I could feel her ass massaging my cock still deep within her. She
really did love this, I thought.

I leaned forward and kissed her back and shoulders, and finally pulled
out of her. My cock making a muted popping noise as it withdrew from her

Again I pulled her up to me and kissed her hard. Tonight we were just
plain lovers. Two very sexually excited lovers. Mom's hands were on my
neck as she leaned back to look up at me. "Oh Honey, I loved it. I hoped
you did too." "You now have had my complete womanhood."

" I did love it mom. I really came hard with this one." "You feel so
different in there." "I know honey. Your dad loves it too."

We turned and looked down at dad and Marie again. They were now laying
next to each other on an air mattress, resting. Both of their naked bodies
glistening with sweat.

Mom took my hand and led me into the shower.

We sudsed and washed each other like any other excited couple. "I'm
going down there honey." I'm going to tell your dad about us in a little

"Oh mom, are you sure?" "It might really cause a lot of trouble?" "He
might want to kill both of us?" "No, honey. I think I know your father by

Mom was pressed tight to me now, her arms around my neck as we stood
under the warm spray. "I don't think its a good idea mom. Really."

"Don't worry honey. Tonight, the ice has been broken. Watching his
enjoyment as Marie sucked him." "Watching him enjoy fucking her like he
just did."

"Yes." she said. "Now is the right time to tell him." "Its the right
time for both of our deepest wishes to be shared." "Well, I'm not all that
sure he will like the idea of me making love with you, mom." "Don't worry
honey. I know how to handle your father."

"Mom...I have to tell you something else too." She looked up at me, her
hair now soaked from the spray. Her eyes quizzing mine.

"Mom.....You need to know about.....You need to know about Karen and
me." I finally blurted out.

I felt her stiffen. her eyes widened. "You mean You and your own twin
sister?" I kind of lowered my eyes now, and shook my head affirmatively.

"It just seemed to happen between us mom. I can't explain it." "Oh
Kenny." "You mean that you're f...." "Yes mom." I was still holding my arms
around her. My softened cock still pressed tightly against her pussy.

"It started the weekend you and dad took the trip. The day of the big
school dance. Karen and I just seemed to open to each other finally. She
admitted that she wanted to become a woman, desperately. She wanted ME to
be her very first man. She wanted ME to make her a woman, mom."

"Oh God, Kenny." "You should have told me." "I am mom. I'm telling you
now." We stepped out of the shower, and quickly dried each other in
silence. "You mean you've been fucking your own sister like you fuck me?" I
looked into her eyes. Somehow, I sensed shock, excitement, and more
questioning in them. "She wanted ME to teach her how to suck a man. She
was going to the dance with Bobby, and wanted to please him like the other
girls were doing with THEIR boyfriends."

"After the initial embarrents mom, I showed her how to suck a man."
She did me." She enjoyed it as much as I did mom. We have seen each other
naked off and on through the years. "We went to one of her favorite spots
in the woods behind us and she spread out a blanket. We each had a beer,
and then made love for the first time."

"She wanted it from ME, mom." "Later, when we were all getting ready for
the dance, I was sitting on her bed watching her fix her makeup." She was
still naked, getting ready to put on her dress. "We made love again on her
bed and Cindy walked in and caught us." "Cindy seemed OK with it, and
didn't make much of it, after the initial shock."

"I make love with HER too mom." "Oh God, her TOO Kenny? "Yes mom.
Cindy wanted to learn how to suck a man also." "She sucked me in front of
Karen and really seemed happy about it." "All off us came back here that
night with our dates." "All of us were in different bedrooms and we all
were making love." "OHHHH Kenny...." "You mean all this time you've been
fucking both your sisters, Donna, and ME too?"

I lowered my head and softly said yes. "Are you still fucking them?"
"Off and on mom." "Not for about a week now." "They're busy with their
boyfriends, and I'm busy with Donna and you right now.....AND Marie."

"Well, I'm glad that I got them on the pill anyway." "Donna knows only a
little about Karen, mom." "Karen has only sucked me in front of Donna a
couple times, but we haven't fucked in front of her yet." Donna is fine
with far."

"OOOOHHH Kenny. We'll talk about this tommorrow." Mom reached for her
thin duster and slipped it over her shoulders. She looked up at me, but
didn't say anything. I knew a lot of questions were buzzing around in her

Finally she leaned up and gave me a kiss. Her hands went down to cup my
cock and balls as she kissed me. "Do you have enough cum to make love with
me again later?" "I think so mom."

"Listen, I want you to stay up here and watch us when I go down there."
I will give you a signal when I think the time is right for you to come
down with us." "Tonight, your father is getting his wishes and a whole lot

"it seem's I've been raising a family of sluts." mom smiled. It
appeared that she was accepting all that I had told her. She turned once
again and leaned up to kiss me. Her duster still opened, but just barely
covering her nipples. She went to her mirror and brushed her hair, and
fixed her makeup quickly. Her hands once again going down to cup my cock
as she quickly kissed me. "Keep him ready honey. I want a lot more of you

"OK, kiddo. Stand by to watch your own mother act like a slut with your
father." "I'm going to blow the doors off our quiet sex life, right now!"
she smiled.

Mom quickly went down the stairs and I went to my bedroom window again.
Marie was sitting to dad's side on the deck, as he reclined on the lounge.
She was softly and slowly caressing his cock with her head on his thigh.
Dad was stroking her long hair softly.

Soon, mom was walking up on the deck. She walked right in front of them
and smiled down at dad. The duster just barely covering her tits, but her
trimmed blond pussy was in plain view.

"I hope you've been enjoying my Birthday present to you honey." she said
to him.

"Ohhhh Rita, I certainly.....OOOOH Honey. I NEVER expected......." "I
know baby. But I also know that you've always wanted to make love with
another woman." "Has Marie satisfied you honey?"

"Oh God yes, Rita." "Good. She was instructed to please you in any
nmanner you REQUIRED of her." "Yes, I was, Tom. " "I hope I have been
satisfactory to you so far?"

Oh yes, Marie. More than I could have ever hoped for." Marie's hand was
still holding dad's cock softly, not knowing what mom had in mind now.

"She's also pleased our son, too, Tom." "She has???" "Yes." "It was
Kenny's suggestion that Marie also fulfill YOUR dream too honey." A LOT of
this was HIS idea honey." "I don't believe it. Kenny wanted Marie to make
love with me?" "Yes!" "I went along with the idea immediately when Kenny
mentioned it, darling."

"Marie has wanted to thank you, and please YOU and Kenny for all that
you both have done for her and Donna."

"Yes, she's right, Tom. I want to give you all the pleasure you may
REQUIRE of me. Rita wants this also."

"Both you and Kenny have treated us so very kind. You have taken us
away from those horrible beatings and being treated like slaves." "I
pleasure your son whenever he REQUIRES me. My daughter also wants to repay
you for your kindness too, Tom." "You mean Donna wants to make love with me
too?" "Yes!" It is perfectly OK with me too, Honey." mom added.

"Your long time dreams are coming true tonight and every other night
from now on honey." mom smiled.

"Ohhh Rita honey, I don't know what to say." "Nothing honey." Just enjoy
the pleasure from now on."

Marie or me will be available to pleasure you anytime from now on.
Right, Marie?"

"Oh yes, Rita. I will be more than happy to pleasure Tom and Kenny."
Her hand now stroking dad's cock a little more firmly as she spoke. Mom
now dropped the duster to the pile of other clothes on the deck. I could
see her standing there completely naked and caressing her tits as she
smiled down at dad. "I would like you to suck my husband's wonderful cock
again Marie. Don't make him cum though."

"Sure Rita. I would love to suck him." Marie now moved between dad's
legs and stroked his cock as she smiled up to him.

"I enjoy giving you this pleasure Tom." "I hope I please you as much as
you have pleasured ME tonight." "Oh, you have Marie. I'm just a little
overwhelmed by all of this." "Just relax honey, and enjoy Marie's mouth on
your wonderful cock." Mom was now stroking her hands up and down her body
as she watched Marie begin to suck dad. Dad was moaning softly as he
watched both Marie, and mom at the same time. Mom cupped her tits and
pinched her nipples as she watched . I could see her glancing up to my
window with a smile, as she seemed to be offering her tits to me too. My
cock was raging as I watched.

Mom's hands went down to caress her pussy mound now. She knew dad was
getting excited as Marie went up and down on his hard cock.

"I made love with our son tonight honey." "I was sucking our son's cock,
while Marie was sucking you." It has been my dream too honey." "WHAT? YOU

"Yes honey. I've had a deep desire to make love with our own son for a
long time honey." "Its not as bad as you think, baby. I really enjoyed him
baby." Mom was now sliding her fingers into her slit as she smiled at him.
"Yes. I've wanted to feel what it would be like to have our own son since
I noticed him growing to be a man."

"OHHHH Rita, I don't believe it." "You really sucked our son off like
you suck me?" "Yes, baby. I sucked his cum while Marie was sucking yours
at the same time. "We were both watching you all evening up in his room."

"You mean....?" "Yes!. Mom's hands went back to her tits now as she
spoke. Marie was sucking dad softly all the while, causing dad's hips to
slowly rise and fall at her pleasuring.

"Kenny fucked me tonight also honey. He was fucking me at the same time
you were fucking Marie." His cock exploded deep in my pussy and really made
me cum too, honey. While you were cumming in Marie, Kenny was cumming in
me." "I was so turned on honey." "Watching you being pleasured and having
your dream come true with Marie." "Yes, I wanted you to know that I have
wanted our son for a long time now, and we have ben making love."

"Oh Rita. This is so hard to believe." "Are you mad honey?" "No, Rita,
just really surprised that you never told me you wanted to make love with
our own son." "How is Marie's blowjob, honey?"

"Oh, it's wonderful. She really makes me feel nice honey."

"Thank you!", Marie said, and went back to licking up and down dad's
cock. She was doing as mom said. Not making dad come to the point of
cumming, all during this time.

"Tonight Kenny fucked me in the ass honey. While you were deep in
Marie's ass, Kenny was deep in mine." "Both of US were cumming along with
both of you down here." "I loved it honey. I really did." "We were
watching you being pleasured as you fucked Marie." "Now, you have another
surprise for your birthday honey." "This will be the other part of your
long time dream."

"Marie, you can stop sucking him now. I would like you to pleasure ME

"Why sure Rita. I would love to." "Lick my pussy for Tom to see,
Marie." Marie turned on her knees and knelt in front of mom now. Her hands
went up to caress mom's tits as her lips trailed kisses up and down mom's
stomach and down to her mound.

"Yes, honey. Marie and I make love too." "You mean...????" 'Yes. I
thought long about your deep wishes honey. I decided to try it with Marie
and now I really enjoy it too. Marie pleasures ME as much as Kenny, and
now you too."

Marie was now licking mom's upper slit and sliding her fingers softly
over mom's hips and sides as she licked mom's pussy. "Another woman is
sucking my pussy honey." "Just as you dreamed of."

"OOOOHHH that feels so nice Marie." "Thank you Rita, I love pleasuring
you, too."

Mom's hands went up to cup and caress her tits as her head began to
roll. Marie was pressing harder into mom's pussy and licking her clit.

" OOOOHHH It feels so nice, Tom." "Another woman sucking my pussy."
OOOHHHH." "My whole clit is in her lips honey!" "Just like you do to me."
"Just like our own son did to me earlier." \ Mom looked down at dad now.
His hand was on his cock stroking himself as he watched mom being licked
like this right in front of him.

"OOOHHH, Your cock is so hard honey.' "Hold off on your cum so I can
suck you baby." "We are your personal sluts baby. Marie and I will take
care of both you and Kenny."

"Would you like to see Kenny fuck me honey? While you fuck Marie
again?" "I just don't believe you fuck him Rita. You must be kidding me?"

"No, darling. I really love his cock inside me." "The little boy that
came from this pussy that Marie is sucking." "Now, he cums in me like you
have for so many years." Mom stopped Marie now, and pulled her up and they
both hugged tightly and kissed. Their tits pressed into each other's as
dad stroked his cock even harder now, watching. I was stroking my own cock
as I watched them. Mom's hands were on the back of Marie's head as she
kissed her.

Finally, she broke the kiss and smiled down at dad. "I just tasted my
own pussy honey. I tasted my pussy on Marie's lips." "Oh how this all
turns me on."

Now, mom looked directly up to my window and waved for me to come down.
I was scared, and I think she must have sensed it. She looked up again and
waved me down once more, as if to say it was now all OK.

I went down the stairs slowly. Wondering what to say to dad now? I was
still naked, and my cock finally dropped to half hard.

Slowly, and FINALLY, I made it out to the deck. Mom was smiling as I
walked near. Her arm reaching out for me. She placed it around my waist
as I got closer and then her other arm around Marie's waist.

"Mom just told me that you and her.....?" "Yeah, dad......are
you.....are you mad about it?" "Kenny, I don;t know what to think after all
that has been going on tonight." This was the very first time that both dad
and me were naked in front of each other. I noticed him sizing me up and
down as I stood next to mom in front of him. I realized that my own cock
was almost as big as his. Just like mom had said.

"Well, Your idea of having Marie pleasure me like this was really a
surprise for me Kenny. It's the first time another woman and me.....since
I married your mother."

"Kenny is also MY first other lover too, honey." We're even now." "Your
father was surprised that I was sucking your ccock, Kenny, while Marie was
sucking him." "Yes dad. she was." We were both really excited watching the
both of you."

"Well, I guess what's done is done, dad said." "So now you know how nice
it is to be inside your own mother, huh?" "Yes, dad. I hope you're not
angry." "Well, most of the shock hasn't seemed to fully hit me yet." "Marie
has really done wonders for my personal dream of making love to another
woman tonight, and now I learn of you and your mother."

Mom's hand now went down to caress my cock as she followed dad's eyes.

"Watch honey." "Watch our son make love to me." "Watch his beautiful
cock go inside me like yours does." Mom now moved over and laid on the air
mattress. She smiled up at me and then over at dad.

Spreading her raised thighs and inviting me to get between them Her
pussy was glistening, with the dampness on her light blond pussy hair. My
cock once again raised up hard and ready as I hesitantly looked over at
dad. He saw it. Looked down at mom with her pussy spread wide for me.

"Go ahead son. I want to see this. I want to see my own son fuck his
own mother."

I slowly knelt down and got between mom's thighs. She smiled and
reached for my cock right away and pulled me closer to her waiting pussy.

She aimed it and urged me into her now. My legs straightened and I went
into her with one swift push into her wet pussy.

OOOHHH what a rush went to my head.

Mom's arms and hands went to my back as she clutched me to her. Her
legs wrapped around my ass and she pulled me into her. My entire cock was
now buried deep in mom's clutching pussy. Her hips now urging me to fuck
her. Her moans to dad....".Our son is in my pussy honey."

"OOOOHHH he's all the way inside me like you do honey." OOOOHHH I love
it. My OWN dream honey. Our own son fucking me." Mom was urging my hips
to start fucking her. I slowly began to move as I noticed dad stand next
to us.

He watched closely as I began to pump into mom now.

"Oh God, Our own son fucking MY wife." "I wouldn't have believed it if I
wasn't watching it."

Mom's pussy was grasping at my cock as I plunged once again into her.
"Fuck me Kenny. Show your father how you fuck me." Her pussy felt
wondeful, even with the anxious feeling of dad standing right next to us
watching me.

Mom's pussy was seeming to demand more of me. She was spread wide and
seeming to really be excited. Looking at me and up to dad over my

"Suck my husband, Marie." "Suck his cock till you make him cum now,
Marie." Mom said loudly. Her hips were starting to move faster now as my
cock stayed deep inside her.

I heard dad moan as Marie once again knelt in front of him and begin to
suck him. I felt her legs brushing up against my own as she knelt there.

I could hear her wet mouth sucking him just behind my shoulders as I
excitedly began to let go and fuck mom with seeming permission now. I
plunged and plunged as my balls slapped against her ass crack. Hearing dad
moan with Marie's sucking, mom's moans into my ear, and feeling her tits
with her hardened nipples pressed into me was really taking me away.

"OOOOHHH It feels so good Tom. Our son fucking me while I watch you get
your cock sucked. OUR dream honey." mom said excitedly. My face was down
next to mom as I moaned near her ear. She raised my head and kissed me
with her open mouth, Inviting my tongue to enter hers, as my cock buried in
her wonderful pussy. Her hips humping up to meet my plunging. "fuck me
Kenny honey. Fuck the hell out of me."

I was really excited now, and moaned that I was near cumming. "Give it
to me baby. Cum in mom's pussy." Fill me like your dad does." "Cum in my
pussy honey, while I watch your father cum in Marie's mouth." She had been
looking over my shoulder at dad pumping in and out of Marie's mouth. Marie
was softly moaning, as I heard dad begin to cum. He moaned and mom pumped
up at me harder. Urging me to cum along with dad.

I could hear Marie begin to gulp and moan louder as she swallowed dad's
cum. Dad also moaned as his cock spurted in her mouth. I felt mom spasm
around my cock now, and her hands pulling me even tighter to her. I let
go. My cock began to spurt so hard I thought my balls were going to burst.
Her pussy clamped and clamped around my shooting cock as she felt me
cumming deep inside her. She pulled my head down hard to her mouth as we
both shared our cummming together. Her moans made it all the more
fantastic for me. Cumming inside my mother's pussy right next to my father
who was cumming in my girlfriend's mother's mouth.

All of us making sounds of moans and gasps.

As mom felt my spurts lessen, she urged me off her and quickly knelt in
front of me. Now I was standing across from dad with Marie caressing his
softening cock. Mom was now sucking my cock in front of him as he watched.
Mom's moans and excitement as she sucked me for the last drops of cum left
in my balls. Her fingers circling and squeezing my cock to drain it into
her mouth. Her other hand cupping my balls. Urging whatever cum was still
in them. My entire cock was deep in her throat. My eyes just had to close
at this unbelieveable pleasure.

Mom's mouth and tongue working together with my cock buried completely
in her throat.

I caught a smile from dad as I opened my eyes finally. "Feels good

"OOOOHHH dad, I moaned as mom now was going up and down my cock softly
sucking me down to a softness. Her fingers gently caressing my balls, as
she held my cock in her warm mouth. Sliding her tongue over and over it in
her mouth.

"She's sucked me like that for all our marriage Kenny." "Now I guess you
too, can share her pleasure."

Marie was still kneeling next to him, her arm around dad's ass, and her
other still softly caressing his hanging balls..

"Now that I have seen it with my own eyes, I have to believe it." "It
looks like I will be sharing my wife with you too, Kenny." "Its HER dream
too, that's important here."

I faintly smiled at him as mom now rose and turned to kiss him. I
pulled Marie up and hugged her to me.

I held her head in my hands and looked down into her eyes. They were
sparkling with excitement. Searching my own. "I hope you've enjoyed
tonight." I said to her softly. "Oh, I have Kenny. I really have." she
answered softly. "I thank you so much for inviting me to share all of

I leaned my head and kissed her softly. I even tasted my own father's
cum, but didn't notice right now with all of our excitement. Marie seemed
to be open completely and pleasantly kissed me in return. My hand went to
her tit and hers on top of mine as we kissed. "I'll make love with you
later." I whispered in her ear. "We'll spend tonight in my bed." "Oh,
good. I was hoping you and me...." I smiled at her and then eased her into
the pool with me.

We swam and felt the warm water rinsing our sweat and sex smells from
us. Holding her with her head back on my shoulder, my hands cupping her
tits, we watched mom and dad caressing and kissing up on the deck.

MY plan, OUR plan, was now complete. Dad had his dream fulfilled.
Mom's and my secret was now out in the open. Mom enjoying another woman
licking her was now known and seen by dad. Yes, I thought. Dad and mom's
sex life would never be the same again!

It felt nice to caress Marie like this. I know she was feeling relaxed
and open. She had given dad all that I asked, and more. He had been
sucked several times by her, fucked her, and even went in her ass. All in
the space of a few hours. Her nipples also felt nice as she purred while I
fingered them softly. The dark sky with the stars shining so bright seemed
to fill out this night perfectly. Now watching mom slide to her knees and
take dad's cock in her mouth right in front of us for the first time. His
special look of love down at her as he caressed her hair softly. His cock
disappearing into her loving mouth. I wondered idly, if he had any more
cum left to give his lover, his partner, his wife?

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

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